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Decorate your home with affordable custom frames

Everyone knows the saying: the devil is in the detail. We all know the power that beautiful frames have in a house. They make it a home and give a special touch to the decoration of your rooms. But we also know how much time it takes to plan which photos to frame, which frames to choose, how to arrange and hang them, and how much it should cost. So if you're thinking about decorating an area of ​​your home with photos and frames, here are some basic tips to keep in mind.

1. Have your photos custom framed

Custom photo frames

The best way to decorate your home is to include details that are "really you," your story. Nothing is more authentic and personal than decoration with photo frames of your travels, family or friends. A good idea to add a touch of elegance is to select your favorite photos and put a black and white filter on them. If this seems like a good idea, we recommend taking a look at our custom frames and upload your favorite photo. We take care of printing and framing your photos, and send your frames right to your door.

2. Use art that you have a connection with

We recommend that you use a print, poster or canvas that you really "connect" to. Decorate with posters of your favorite movies, excerpts from books you've highlighted, or quotes you find inspiring. To frame these pieces, you can also call on our online framing service, where we make custom frames for photos as well as prints, posters, canvases or puzzles.

3. How do you choose a frame?

When choosing your frames, it is important that you consider both the style of the room in which you place the frame and the style of the piece you are framing. In the Framewell store you will find different styles in our collection of custom frames. Play with colors and textures, create contrast with what you are framing and harmony with the colors of the room.

4. Compose photos on the wall

Black and white photo frames


You can drastically change the atmosphere of a room with a good composition of photos on the wall. I recommend that you choose a symmetrical composition for tranquility. Depending on how high your wall is, you may want to add more or less lines of frames. Ideal for above a sofa, sideboard or dining table.

5. Avoid the drill!

Would you rather not drill? Framewell uses crystal clear acrylic glass in its frames, making them lighter than frames with traditional glass. So you can use a nail instead of a screw. We always use self-adhesive nails for photo shoots of our frames Tesa. Even easier!


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